Month: March 2022

Diminishing WHO ‘s relevance
13-03-2022 UPSC - IAS Bhavesh Singhal

Prelims Focus Points: Headquarters and Reports published by the WHO, Members, and term of its Executive Board. Mains Focus Points: Contributions of World Health Organization, Criticism, Way Forward COVID-19 has emerged as a pandemic with huge health and socio-economic toll on people worldwide. With infections reaching more than 19 million and death toll touching 0.7 million marks,

UPSC Prelims Postponed – When will the exam be held.
11-03-2022 UPSC - IAS Chandan Singh Virat ✅

Has UPSC Prelims 2021 Postponed? Yes! The nation has been witnessing the 2nd wave of the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Now the 3rd wave has started impacting millions of lives. UPSC CSE (Preliminary) Examination 2021, scheduled to be held on Jun 27, 2021 is postponed in view of the upcoming 3rd wave of the Pandemic.