Month: April 2022

What is Information Warfare? Will it replace the military war?
16-04-2022 UPSC - IAS Chandan Singh Virat ✅

War is an outcome of serious disagreements. These disagreements can be on account of ideological differences, personal profitability, the establishment of suzerainty, demarcation of boundaries, etc. Information Warfare is an indirect way of confrontation. It is the use of information technology’s equipments, and its systems to build a narrative which can be counterfeit in nature. Information

Repo Rate, Inflation और Growth के आपस में क्या सम्बन्ध हैं?
11-04-2022 UPSC - IAS Chandan Singh Virat ✅

रेपो रेट (Repo rate), मॅहगाई और आर्थिक विकास के आपस में क्या सम्बन्ध हैं? इनके घटने और बढ़ने पर आपकी जेब पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ता है? रेपो रेट (Repo Rate) और मुद्रास्फीति (Inflation) में सम्बन्ध कुछ इस प्रकार है कि ये दोनों एक दूसरे के व्युत्क्रमानुपाती होते हैं। अर्थात यदि रेपो रेट बढ़ता है तो

DELSA organizes first online Lok Adalat
08-04-2022 UPSC - IAS Bhavesh Singhal

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has crippled almost all organs of governance and administration. The Justice delivery system in India is no exception. This has compelled governments worldwide to come up with creative and innovative solutions by providing the online Lok Adalat. To tackle the new challenges posed by pandemic, DELSA (Delhi State Legal Services Authority)

ILO’s Convention 182
01-04-2022 UPSC - IAS Bhavesh Singhal

For Prelims: Its member States, Headquarters, Reports published by ILO, features of the Convention 182. Mains: Its roles and responsibilities, aims and objectives, the significance of ILO while delivering the Social Justice. Convention 182 The pandemic (COVID-19) has been emerging with the widespread job losses, deterioration of work conditions, decline in household income, temporary school closures, The